Descoltech | Oil & Gas


Optimization of production processes in the oil & gas and green sector

Descoltech s.r.l. offers total quality solutions for the entire supply chain of the oil & gas and renewable energy sectors, thanks to assurance, testing, inspection and expediting services. The oil & gas and green sectors present numerous challenges for operators. With the decrease of product reserves and the demand fluctuation, the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of support services become more important than ever. We focus on activities like ensuring the safety of people and sites and processes optimization. In addition, delivery times of orders is a factor that should not be overlooked, as it is important to ensure that delivery takes place in a safe and cost-effective manner for all involved parties.


Inspection services are managed by competent coordinators, dedicated to each individual customer, fully supported by Technical Staff, and organized through proprietary software; each inspection service is traced through a complete report that reports the inspector’s results in a clear and detailed manner; the project is supported with communication and file sharing between customer and inspector through a web portal. The flexibility of our structures allows us to provide Vendor Inspection services even at short notice and remotely. Inspection services are provided by highly qualified and extremely competent technical inspectors, who are fully familiar with international codes and standards, are aware of legislative requirements, have qualifications and certifications for different processes such as:

  • Mechanical Inspector (NDE-“VT-PT-MT-RT- UT”) – ISO 9712
  • Electrical inspection
  • Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.1 – 3.2)
  • Coating Inspector (Frosio / Nace livello 2/3)
  • Lead Auditor
  • Non-destructive tests (PT-UT-MT-RT-VT)
  • Mechanical tests(PMI-THT-HT-FERRITE)
  • TOFD-PAUT controls
  • FAT tests (with H2O e Gas)
  • PR1 & PR2 qualifications
  • Cryotest, Tat, Bending
  • Range Endurance test
  • Sandslarry Test
  • Localized hyperbaric & hyperbaric chamber tests


Expediting is essential to achieve the project objectives and in particular the timing, therefore we believe that each project development plan requires a dedicated expediting team. 

Descoltech is able to manage all customer requirements to ensure the correct quality and timely delivery of the project items, including documentation.

Our staff is able to manage a wide range of expediting services, keep trace of deadlines and be active to avoid slips and / or delays on the project.


Descoltech can support customer and supplier
in providing the documentation required by the project.

We realized that the shipment and the quality of the required documents are an essential part of a successful project within the established time frame

Descoltech staff supports the entire production and final document process chain, preparing final books (MRB) and export documents (technical passport and Dual Use requirements).


In today’s rapidly evolving project business, most engineering companies and operators need to hire professionals to tackle peak workloads and meet project requirements and deadlines. Thanks to its network of professionals and specialists, Descoltech offers quick answers, flexibility, quality, effectiveness and customer-oriented services in all phases of project execution.
Descoltech can provide the following professional categories:

• Project manager
• QA / QC Project Coordinator
• Project Engineer (all disciplines)
• Project Inspector and Expeditor
• Procurement staff
• Materials technician and end engineer
• Project cost controllers
• Project document controller
• Data entry

Claim evaluation

Supplier Documentation Assessment is an independent review based on applicable customer requirements, codes, standards and specifications. This is associated with most of the products supplied by suppliers in our industries. The assessment will confirm whether a specific document issued by a particular manufacturer complies with the established requirements. This work can be a simple evaluation of a certain document up to a complete approval process that includes the submission and updating of a supplier’s document register. With its large pool of engineers and specialists, Descoltech is able to provide assessments for a wide range of supplier documents such as:

• Inspection and test plan
• Test procedures (Hydro test, visual and dimensional test, functional test, performance test, execution test, etc.)
• NDT procedures (PT, MT, UT, RT, LT etc.)
•Welding book (WPS, PQR, weld map)
• Surface preparation and painting procedures
• Packaging procedures
• Preservation and handling procedures
• Manufacturers data books
• Test certificates



Descoltech always develops projects in close contact with customer and collaborates for the success of the required challenge, so that the achieved result can be remembered in the future.